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Click and go for everyone

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Click and go is a new reminder app. that can help you organize and remember all the things you need to do in your life.  The app enables you to set reminders quickly in an unlimited number of tasks, ranging from anything to everything, and for you to be sent these reminders by text or email.

Follow-up feature you ain’t seen before

Long Range

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The marquee feature of the Click and go app. is its "Long Range" capability.  Think of a Reminder Tickler System, except on steroids.   Many know what a reminder tickler system is: a reminder system to do something in the future.  But what if you do that thing and it is now in the past.  The long range feature reminds you how long ago you did that thing, or when something took place and will keep reminding you HOW MUCH TIME has passed since you did it.  Like a countdown in reverse. Try it, and shock yourself at the impact it will have in your business and even, in your life.

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The free version of the app. enables you to set multiple reminders for any task in any category, and to receive these reminders by email, including the option of a work email address for “work” related reminders and a “personal” email address for other tasks.  The free version enables you to do this for 10 different tasks - including for "Long Range" items - and includes access to the “Memorize” and “Recall” functions for an unlimited number of activities or incidents.  The paid version adds texting as an option for how reminders can be received, allows reminders for an unlimited number of tasks and also includes access to the “Memorize” and “Recall” functions for an unlimited number of activities or incidents.


Predetermined categories

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The predetermined tasks in predetermined categories, allow for simple "click and go" selection and for you to be on your way in seconds.

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The app. enables you to select multiple reminders for the same task, and to set a “Repeat” function if needed, so that you will never forget doing that task in the future. For example, “Change car oil” in 3 weeks and receive a reminder to do the task “1 week before”, “4 days before” and “2 days before” and then be reminded to do this task “every 3 months” going forward. 

This app. differs from others in that you can choose 32 reminders at the click of one button, and with the same speed, can select instead, only 1, 2 or more reminders, if that is what you prefer.

Multiple reminders for each task or activity

All your tasks in one screen

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In addition to receiving reminders for all of your different tasks, the app. enables you to access these reminders in different formats, for example, things to do “this week”, “in two weeks”, “by date” or “alphabetically”.

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The app. enables you also to personalize quickly, your own tasks in any category, and to set reminders for those personalized tasks, just as easily and quickly as you could for the predetermined ones. Click when and how you would like to receive your reminders – by text or email – and be on your way.

Create tasks easily and quickly

Set countdowns for appointments, special occasions and other work commitments

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In addition to reminders that can be set for various appointments, special occasions and other work commitments or deadlines, the app. can attach countdowns of your choice to those activities, to be sent by text or email, for example, every week, every 4 days or every 3 days as you get closer to the event or deadline.

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The app. has the ability for you to memorize activities or incidents for later recall. The “Memorize” function allows you to note down anything you don’t want to forget and which you may wish to recall later. If it is an activity or incident that you do regularly and you would like to know when was the last time that you did it, the “Recall” function not only displays the activity or incident and the last time you did it, but also allows you to add the date of the next time and all the following times, for example, the last times you saw a particular friend, played golf, went skiing, did a spinning class, fertilized the lawn, changed the furnace filter or cut your hair.

Memorize incidents or activities for later recall

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