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Step by step video at bottom of page - how to set these examples up

You have an income tax filing deadline on April 30, 2025

You are attending your friend's wedding in the summer.

You purchased a product and have a 30 day free trial.  You want a countdown to when you will be charged. 

You are going on a cruise this coming September

You are graduating in a couple of months.  You want a countdown to this special occasion.  

Your anniversary is coming up.  You would like a countdown to this auspicious event.

You are a lawyer and your client has a court date in 4 months time

You are going to a concert in the Fall. 

You have a race coming up and want a countdown to this special day.

You got tickets to the Super Bowl (or are hosting a party).
You definitely want a countdown to this.

Step by step "how to" video

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