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Step by step video at bottom of page - how to set these examples up

You started a nutrition progam and want periodic notifications telling you how long  you have been on it.

You did a "personal best" today and would like periodic notifications not only of how long ago it was that you did it, but also  specific details you select.

Is there something small you're proud of - that nobody knows about?  Go ahead and get reminders of what you did - and see how good you feel! 

Do you know - this second - how long ago you changed the oil of your car. 

Keep tabs every couple of weeks and maintain your peace of mind!


How important to you is the timing of your next haircut?  Check how cool this reminder thing is!

Do you know when you last gave your car a nice car wash?


You started a particular medication and would like to know periodically how long you've been on it.

You just ordered something from Amazon (or from some other online store).

Watch how cool this reminder thing is.


Step by step "how to" video

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